Southeast Texas Alerting Network

What is STAN?

STAN is the Southeast Texas Alerting Network. It is a messaging and notification system that allows emergency management officials and industry to make important information available to Southeast Texas residents.

STAN can contact you with two types of messages:

  1. Emergency messages: In the case of an event that warrants public action, local emergency management can send emergency messages describing what actions need to be taken in response to the emergency.
  2. Outreach messages: Additionally, emergency management uses STAN to send local notifications, or outreach messages, to the community, such as water outages, street closures or traffic notices.

In the event of an emergency, STAN will call residential and commercial phone numbers in the affected area to alert residents. To register your cell phone or email to receive STAN notifications, click here. Emergency messages are automatically sent to local television stations. The media, in turn, help notify the public.

The public can call STAN toll-free at 1-877-THE-STAN (1-877-843-7826) to hear any emergency or outreach messages posted by emergency management officials, as well as messages posted by industry regarding plant operations. The public can also read the most current notifications at

Who is STAN for?

STAN is for the residents of Jefferson, Hardin and Orange Counties.

How can I use STAN?

At any time, you can call 1-877-THE-STAN (1-877-843-7826) toll-free and hear important messages from local emergency management officials or industry. Additionally, you can register here to receive emergency and outreach messages on your cell phone or through email. You can also check for notifications.

When should I call STAN?

Call STAN if:

  • You are concerned about noise or see flaring near a local industrial facility
  • You are concerned about a community emergency
  • When you are not sure what to do in the event of an emergency
  • You want more information about other events, such as large traffic accidents, railcar derailments or truck spills.

What will I hear on the STAN line?

When you call STAN, you will hear any emergency or outreach messages posted by emergency management officials, as well as messages posted by industry regarding plant operations. The most recent messages will play first. During some emergency situations, STAN may advise you to Shelter-In-Place. If this happens:

  1. Go inside a building or vehicle.
  2. Close all windows and doors.
  3. Turn off all heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
  4. Stay off the telephone and listen to your television or radio for more information.

Who sponsors STAN?

STAN is sponsored by the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission, the Industry of Southeast Texas, local media and the Local Emergency Planning Committees of Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties.

How will STAN contact me?

STAN will send emergency messages to all commercial and residential phone lines in Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties. Messages will be sent to telephones in or around affected areas. STAN can also send emergency and outreach messages to registered cell phones. To register, click here. If STAN contacts you, you will hear a recorded message or receive a text message or email from your local emergency management officials.

My home phone number isn’t public. Will I still receive STAN emergency messages?

Yes. STAN accesses the 9-1-1 database to make sure it reaches all residential and commercial phones in the affected area.