Southeast Texas Alerting Network

Stan Can Contact You

Local emergency management uses STAN to send two types of messages to the public:

  1. Emergency messages: In the case of an event that warrants public action, local emergency management can send emergency messages describing what actions need to be taken in response to the emergency.
  2. Outreach messages: Additionally, emergency management uses STAN to send local notifications, or outreach messages, to the community, such as water outages, street closures or traffic notices.

Stan Can Call You At Home, But It's Important To Register Your Cell Phone Too.

In the event of an emergency, STAN will call residential and commercial telephones in the affected areas. Since you’re not always at home, you can register to make sure you receive notifications no matter where you are. That way, if you’re at work and something happens near your home, you’ll know about it. Register here to sign up for cell phone notifications via voice or text, or to sign up for email notifications. You can also sign up to receive outreach messages.

You Can Contact STAN

Call 1-877-THE-STAN (1-877-843-7826) toll-free, anytime to receive updates regarding emergencies, plant operations, traffic and weather information or other outreach from emergency management. All notifications STAN sends to the public are posted to the STAN line. You can also read the most current postings here on the STAN website.

STAN uses geographic calling zones and is able to alert specific areas that are affected by an emergency.


  • Delivers emergency messages to the residential and commercial telephones in affected areas.
  • Delivers emergency messages to registered cell phones via phone, text or email.
  • Delivers outreach messages, if requested, to registered cell phones via phone, text or email.
  • Allows the public to call into the system and listen to messages placed there by emergency management and industry.
  • Updates the STAN website with the most current notifications
  • Automatically notifies the media when an emergency occurs.


STAN was developed by the Local Emergency Planning Committees of Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties, in partnership with the Industry of Southeast Texas, the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and local media. STAN is a messaging and notification system that gives industrial companies and emergency management officials the ability to inform the community quickly with information about emergencies, plant operations or weather events occurring in Southeast Texas.